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Susan Herlong, RN, MSN, RYT200, began her first step with yoga when she graduated from Clemson University with a degree in nursing. At that time, she saw Nursing as the career path that would fulfill her goals: helping people to stay healthy, promoting comfort and support when they were not healthy, and caring for the whole person~ the body, the mind and the spirit. Nursing, as a career path, led her through many wonderful adventures as she took many first steps as nurse educator, manager, administrator, cancer nurse specialist, and most recently wellness/health promotion consultant.

She chose nursing, but, "Luckily", she says, "Yoga FOUND me....and guess what? was on the tennis courts! I thought I was going to a tennis class, and it turned out to be yoga, courtside."    "It was my "Aha" moment and from that time on, I embraced yoga as a practice for my own health promotion. Yoga offered the affirmation that my spirit needed, the postures supported the comprehensive physical work that my body needed, and the acutal practice embraced a discipline with grace that my mind needed.

Over time, I became aware of how yoga was helping me to heal the components of my own health that were not in balance."

After almost a decade of yoga practice, Susan has combined her knowledge and expertise in nursing with her yoga practice, and those steps are NOW on a mat, helping others with an affirming, accepting, and supportive teaching style. Her classes are therapeutic as the are small, (limited to 6), gentle or restorative in nature, and offer modifications and props for specific needs. However, the classes are designed to benefit all, at any level.

About the Instructor

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