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Sexual Counseling

The inability to engage in enjoyable sexual intercourse is a frustrating and shame filled condition.  This can be caused by conditions
such as vulvodynia, vaginismus, estrogen loss, cancer treatment, trauma, childbirth, etc.  Sexual counseling is provided for intercourse dysfunction as it is related to pelvic pain.


These conditions are treated with electrical stimulation, ultrasound, deep tissue mobilization internally and externally, dilator instruction, scar mobilization, and/or pelvic floor strengtheing and stretching.

Often, disorders that have long been resolved will leave a person unable to engage in intercouse.  These lingering symptoms can have disasterous effects.


Our treatments are provided in a safe and sensitive atmosphere where the patient can feel comfortable with adequate privacy.

The National Vulvodynia Association is an excellent resource for information regarding vulvodynia and its current treatments.  There is a self help questionnare  available through their website.  This organization is helpful in providing sufferers with other patients that act as a support group and resource. is a helpful website that offers blogs and chat lines.

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